What our happy clients say:

  • Fast professional and high quality. Well done!. The price is comparable or cheaper than shop. Plus at the comfort of my house. Impressed

    Gary Williams

  • Fast professional and high quality. Well done!. The price is comparable or cheaper than shop. Plus at the comfort of my house. Impressed

    Louise Riley

  • Excellent service. I am happy with the level of service they provided at a lower cost than other phone repairs shop.

    Hannah Collins

  • Great experience! I would definitely recommend Onsite phone fix Repair – fast, friendly and thorough service! Rates similar to other providers, but Onsite phone fix comes to YOU so you don’t have to jump thru any hoops to get your iPhone fixed….the owner understands that when you’re phone breaks, you want it fixed TODAY!

    Prem Singh

  • All within one day! Cracked my iPhone at 11am. Repairman (Taufik) came to my house to repair at 11.45am. Done! I highly recommend them! You only pay via eftpos after the repair, which comes with a one month warranty. Go to onsite phone fix if you ever drop your mobile phone and crack your screen.

    Alan Wilks

  • iPhone: Done at home, awesome service, tested everything before taking money. Grade A! Thanks guys, hope I never use you again… but if I do, you’ll be the first people I contact.

    Esha Hussein

  • The best service I have received this year. I am so impressed with the repair specialist assigned to me to repair my IPhone screen. He was very dedicated and take the extra miles to make sure that my screen fits nicely back into the metal frame that has dented during the fall.

    Kylie Waters

  • Onsite phone fix repaired my phone and saved me from buying a new one.
    I recently purchased a Refurbished iPhone 4S. It got jarred a little too much and the screen went blank. The company I purchased it from said they would charge me if it showed any abuse. It didn’t look abused but how could I tell what was going on inside? I contacted Onsite phone fix because I knew they could replace a screen for much less money than a new phone.

    After looking at it, the repairman, Taufik, told me it was an inexpensive fix. The refurbished phone was missing a bracket. It was the fault of the refurbishing company but I wouldn’t have known.

    Navin Patel

  • Onsite phone fix provide door-to-door service it save my time,andi want to thank you Taufik, he is a nice boy very professional. My iphone 6+ have very bad screen cracked and others problem and Taufik explain to me and it solve my problem they service quick and they charge are fair and i satisfied with they service. Thank You Taufik, thumb up for you and please always keep the services standard like what your have.

    Cindy Sharp

  • Onsite phone fix’s technician are very friendly and knowledgeable and I found the costs is not much different from other phone shop, overall I save my time and all the trouble to look for phone shop to bargain cost of repair

    Jason Denver

  • My phone is back and working perfectly. It was finished within an hour (like 25 minutes)I asked, and they do all types of repairs including batteries not just cracked screens.

    Phil Green